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2x2, Dante™ enabled Direct Box - Professional Mic/Line/Hi-Z Preamplifier with Network Return.

This product requires PoE (more info)

Performer 1

  • The Performer is a multi-function, ‘Di-Box’ Mic/Line/Hi-Z Pre-Amplifier, with 2 channels up and 2 channels back on a Dante Network.


    The Performer’s signal path is designed to maintain optimum headroom and low-noise, giving excellent dynamic range, and high-quality sound in recording, live performance and a myriad of other applications.


    Experience and care have been invested in the specification, design, function, component selection and overall quality of this product.


    The Performer features controls and indicators that assist in set up, operation and maintenance of clip free high-quality audio in demanding live stage/recording situations.


    The Performer is designed with an appreciation of the challenges in avoiding ‘Garbage-In, Garbage-Out” when digitizing and networking audio. The best possible, clip-free, low-noise signals are presented on the network for mixing and modification by the powerful digital processing software available today.


    The Performer features two pre-amplifier stages, optimized for specific applications, but flexible enough to provide a wide range of sources with low-noise, high-quality inputs.


    The Mic/Line input is designed for professional condenser and dynamic microphones. The 1/4” TRS connector accepts high-level professional ‘balanced line’ sources with +4dBu nominal levels.


    The Performer’s pre-amps offer 20dB of headroom at any gain setting, yielding optimum signal-to-noise throughout their range. Headphone monitoring of the inputs is available on the control panel, further easing set-up and use.


    The headroom and capability of these pre-amps is illustrated in one case by the ability of the Line-in connection/pre-amp to accept a power amplifier’s output, up to +44 dBu signal, or a 70/100 Volt distributed system tap.


    The Hi-Z input is optimized for such sources as classic electric guitars; Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, P-Bass, J-Bass, Gibson Les Paul - all featuring inductive pickups, which like to see 1meg Ohm load impedance in order to maintain their natural frequency response.


    Taking the guitar’s signal direct, before or after an effects pedal, and supplying a Di-Out - (Direct Injection Output) at +4dBu


    Our team has decades of hands-on experience in the design, operation, application and use of recording, production/post production, live sound and installed systems across thousands of stages around the world.


    This experience has been applied to every aspect of this product in order to bring users the best operational performance and value.